Planning on making Halloween a fun time for your family and friends this year? On top of your busy schedule, it can be incredibly stressful to plan and purchase everything you will need for a Halloween event. Even shopping for Halloween trick or treat candy for your kids to dish out can be a pain. Luckily, if you are a busy professional and you want to get the most out of this holiday’s traditions, getting logistical support is super easy.

We recommend you delegate all the organising and running around to your personal or executive Virtual Assistant. Whether you plan to be out trick or treating with your children, throwing a cocktail party for your clients or holding a themed dinner for your friends, your Virtual Assistant can have great fun breaking away from office tasks and exercising their creative brain to help you put together the best Halloween ever. Then you can relax and enjoy yourself being a guest at your own Halloween party!

Here are 5 ways that a Virtual Assistant can help you plan your Halloween celebration:

1. Order your favorite trick or treat candy

Buying Halloween candy from the supermarket can be tedious. Retailers run out of the most popular sweets and appropriately themed candy can be particularly expensive in October due to supply and demand. If you have a favorite selection of Halloween sweets that you and your family love to hand out, your Virtual Assistant can help. They can pre-order your favourite sweet selection from an online retailer. All you need to do is let your assistant know what is on your list of must-have candy.

2. Help plan and order your decorations

If getting into the spooky spirit by decorating your entrance hall or office reception area is part of the holiday fun for you, your Virtual Assistant can help with that too! Your VA can research themes and coordinated decoration ideas for you. They can go on online shopping forays and create a Pinterest board if you don’t have a particular theme in mind or know precisely what decorations you want. All you should do is let your assistant know what budget they have at their disposal and then let them do the research and present you with ideas before shopping for your diabolical décor online.

3. Help you get your Halloween costumes together

Do you and your kids love getting dressed for the occasion – or perhaps you’ve been invited to a Halloween dress up party? Whether you want to get kitted out like your favorite TV character or fancy something more ghoulish, your Virtual Assistant can help you find all the elements of a perfectly themed costume for you and your family. Start by briefing your Virtual Assistant on your characters and what you’ll need to put your costumes together. Then, give your Virtual Assistant your budget and let them go on an Internet hunt for what you need.

4. Research fabulous events in your area

If you have a hankering for a night out on the town to see in the witching hour this Halloween, but don’t quite know what to do, a Virtual Assistant can be a huge help in finding the perfect event or club in your area. Just let your Virtual Assistant know if you want to dance the night away or keep the evening more intimate and low-key – and how far you are willing to travel. They can put together a list of all the Halloween happenings in your area so can pick your favorite club, parade, or party opportunities, and have your VA purchase tickets or make reservations for you.

5. Help you plan a Halloween event

Halloween traditions make it a very social night of the year, and your Virtual Assistant can help take the horror out of you planning and shopping for a client cocktail party or full-on bash for your friends. With a thorough brief and budget in mind, your VA can arrange all logistics and liaise with hiring companies and the caterers. They can purchase the decorations, food and drinks for you online. Your Virtual Assistant can take care of researching venues, sourcing décor around a theme, sending out invitations and monitoring RSVPs, organising catering, hiring crockery and glassware, organising the bar and drinks. They can also arrange a post party cleaning service to put your space back to rights.

When it comes to holding a work event on Halloween your Virtual Assistant can create a budget spreadsheet to research vendors and services within your price range, and keep an eye on expenses, tracking costs so that you don’t overspend and can accurately allocate the expenditure as coming from your annual marketing budget.