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The domain of Human Resources (HR) is brimming with tasks that are critical, yet time-consuming. Administrative duties, employee management, recruitment, and much more can become overwhelming. This is where VA Central steps in. Our Virtual Assistants are trained to support your HR department, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward.

In partnering with us, you gain a dedicated and skilled professional adept in managing a comprehensive range of HR tasks. Our Virtual Assistants are trained to compile job descriptions, post vacancies, screen applicants, and even conduct initial phone or video interviews. They can proficiently manage administrative duties like scheduling interviews, following up with candidates, and sending contracts to successful applicants. This liberates your team to focus on fostering employee engagement, culture building, and strategic growth, while routine tasks are expertly handled by our team.

Our Process Simplified

How VA Central Supports Your HR Department

VA Central's process is straightforward and designed with your convenience in mind. Our Virtual Assistants are equipped to handle a variety of HR tasks, from routine administrative duties to more complex HR operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our VAs are trained to handle a variety of tasks in your HR Department. These tasks include job postings, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, maintaining employee records, processing payroll, assisting with employee onboarding and training, and other HR administrative duties.

All our VAs bring a minimum of three years of professional experience in Human Resources. They have handled diverse roles and responsibilities in HR departments, ensuring they can effectively assist with your HR needs.

You can communicate with your VA through various platforms as per your preference. Options include WhatsApp, Slack, email, or video conferencing for more comprehensive discussions.

Your satisfaction is our primary goal. If you’re not happy with the VA assigned during the three-month probation period, we will work on getting a replacement candidate who better fits your needs and requirements.

No, there are no hidden costs or setup fees. You only pay for the monthly package that you select. Please note that you will be responsible for any software licenses your VA may require to carry out their tasks.

We place great emphasis on security and confidentiality. All our VAs are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Moreover, we follow all GDPR and ICO regulations to safeguard your data.

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