Estate Agency in the Digital Age: How Virtual Assistants are Transforming the Industry

Staying up to date is important if you want to succeed as an estate agent in a rapidly changing world.

Gone are the days when websites and social media were a “nice-to-have” optional extra. For contemporary estate agencies these are important content channels for lead generation campaigns. Using digital technology is no longer just about listing properties online. Property agents are now engaging with potential buyers virtually:

  • through mobile apps,
  • in real-time through virtual property showings, and
  • in 3D walkthroughs that can include interactive floor plans – a helpful feature to show what’s possible when buyers are considering buying a “fixer-upper” or want to envision home improvements.

Then there is the rise of proptech. This is the latest buzzword for all the tech tools estate agency professionals are using that are useful for streamlining the process of buying, selling and letting of property.  Proptech can save a lot of time in research and data gathering, as well as property marketing and the management of properties in a letting portfolio.

It is time for estate agents to embrace technology – not fear it

Like many long-standing industries, there is a fair amount of resistance in the property industry to the adoption of new technologies. This reluctant attitude not only slows up the property industry’s potential growth but also negatively impacts property owners and renters – who are estate agents’ bread and butter, their primary clients.

Proptech can help estate agents by providing:

  • faster speed to lead time and more efficient customer service,
  • the ability to directly connect agents with buyers and sellers, 24/7,
  • big data gathering and analysis capabilities that help in providing strategic information on the property market,
  • tools to process a far greater volume of transactions, servicing more clients in less time.

Technically skilled Virtual Assistants are transforming the industry

While the buying, selling and letting of property will remain people-driven, with an experienced estate agent playing the key role, today’s consumers want an easier and more direct route to market. Particularly as they already have instant access to a wealth of information on the Internet. So, instead of viewing tech as an intimidating industry disruptor, estate agents should treat it as the phenomenal tool it is – one that serves to free up valuable time and boost productivity.

The good news is that the majority of today’s Virtual Assistants are digital natives who grew up with technology and are uniquely positioned to leverage it to their estate agent-employer’s advantage. They are skilled at using software and digital tools to streamline processes, automate customer management systems, gather and analyse information, maintain websites and implement digital marketing campaigns – and they can assist with content creation.

Virtual Assistants can keep you ahead of the curve

As the business landscape continues to evolve to become more automated, embracing the benefits of employing a Virtual Assistant can help you stay ahead of the curve; to remain agile in adapting to changing circumstances while sustaining a competitive edge. Virtual Assistants who have experience in the property industry are versatile and skilled professionals, able to assist estate agents as administrators, sales and letting negotiators, bookkeepers and social media managers. Their responsibilities can also include providing customer service management, managing databases, and conducting market research.