Artificial intelligence, or AI, is technology that enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities. AI began to attract wholesale attention in 2022, when Chat GPT 3.0 arrived in the market – followed by a steady flow of free or affordable AI enhanced digital tools. Business owners quickly found these tools to be highly effective in streamlining operations and the promotion of their business and services.

Are there AI enhanced digital tools specifically for Estate agents?

Any industry that involves data is a great target for AI – and there is plenty of data in the Estate Agency business. Estate Agents may not realise it, but chances are they are already using AI-powered software. Two of the many ways AI-powered software is already active in Estate agencies is via property management software and property valuation tools.

Here is just a small selection of the AI-powered tools available to UK-based Estate Agents:

  1. Multi-channel sales chatbots to drive sales

These provide automated instant and relevant responses to seller and buyer inquiries, which leads to a better client experience.

PropertyJinni provides a unique chatbot that is powered by generative AI, designed especially to facilitate meaningful automated customer interactions for Estate agents in the UK. It is programmed to increase sales by qualifying leads, personalising recommendations and cross-selling – around the clock. PropertyJinni also facilitates landlord and tenant engagement through automated query resolution, issue triaging, sentiment analysis and a list of dynamic FAQs. PropertyJinni’s benefits include:

  • Timely engagement with real-time pre-qualified leads 24/7, ensuring a productive conversation that improves qualified lead numbers.
  • Automatic building of the agency’s contact list.
  • Freeing up sales staff to focus on more complex inquiries, improving their overall performance.
  • Streamlining agency, landlord and tenant liaison.

Instant and accurate property valuations 

One of the key services that Estate Agents provide is accurate property valuations. Having an accurate and immediate online valuation tool on your website has become an industry standard, and it allows for the beginnings of positive agency-client interaction.

ValPal is an AI-driven tool that provides Estate Agents with accurate property valuations and is able to evaluate comparable properties. It is programmed to consider local factors in order to produce precise property valuations. Valpal provides:

  • Instant and accurate property valuations.
  • This tool allows Estate Agents to capture the details of individuals visiting their website.

Intelligent automated sales funnels

Estate Agents need a solid sales funnel to succeed in today’s competitive market. From lead generation to nurturing leads and converting sales prospects, AI-enhanced digital tools can help Estate Agents to perfect their sales strategies and optimise their processes.

The ValPal Network provides a range of AI-driven digital services designed to create a fully comprehensive sales funnel to drive traffic, qualify and nurture leads.  The ValPal Network provides:

  • Seamless sales funnel integration with their instant online valuation tool.
  • Partnerships with a range of CRMs, so Estate Agents can manage leads and email marketing platforms effectively.
  • Integration with several tracking tools to monitor which elements of a marketing campaign are most cost-effective.

Platforms for 3D virtual home tours

In virtual tours and experiences, AI-generated content can be used to create realistic and interactive environments that match a real location. This allows potential buyers to first view a property remotely, without having to physically pay a visit.

AI enhanced programmes, such as REimagineHome and Getfloorplan, help Estate agents to generate 3D floorplans from 2D images. Getfloorplan also offers virtual staging, so potential clients can add furniture and decor to visualise placing their furnishings accurately.

  • This is a great way for agents to help sellers by being able to proactively generate quick and easy renovation ideas that make a property more saleable.
  • It is great for playing with new colours or furniture placement, room by room.
  • And potential buyers can easily re-imagine a property layout should they wish to visualise major renovations.

While artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid rate, it is still in its infancy. On an ongoing basis, AI systems require human involvement for updates, maintenance and ethical considerations.  And AI software is not an end to itself – it is a useful tool. It generally requires a knowledgeable human being to stay well-informed about new developments, oversee implementing the software for a particular purpose and to quality control any input and output.

Today’s experienced Virtual Assistants are tech-savvy in their specific area of expertise. Their experience can make an enormous difference to levelling up the implementation of AI-driven software in an Estate Agency.